About Us

About Safe Network Solutions

Safe Network Solutions is a technology consulting firm focused on reducing your stress and the time you spend handling IT related issues. The current changes in the market place create a need for true experts to assist small business in navigating the complexities of the technology they must use to stay competitive, efficient and profit generating.

Our team specializes in Strategic Technology Management (STM) for Small and Medium Businesses with 10-100 employees. We are proud to call our Clients true Business Partners. Through these mutual partnerships, we provide expert advice and solutions that align with each Client’s core business goals.

We currently serve over 100 businesses headquartered in Middle Tennessee. Seventy Five percent of our clients utilize our Strategic Technology Management (STM) for their fully outsourced technology needs.

SNS is proud to be among the small number of technology providers in Nashville that focus first on the technology strategy of our clients, we are not a Software Developer, a Copier Company, or a Phone Vendor – We are a Strategic Technology Partner, built around delivering high class technology support and strategy services.

The Big Picture

Our Goal is to understand your business so we can use technology as a tool to help you achieve your goals. Our structure for partnering is focused on alignment so that when we help you be more profitable so are we. We aim to eliminate barriers to seeking help so we can help you and your employees increase productivity. Through regular technology strategy meetings we help identify ways to reduce costs, set predictable IT budgets, and leverage existing technology to run your business smarter.

We deliver a technology solution which considers your needs while utilizing a proactive and strategic approach. The solutions we provide are aimed at maximizing uptime and minimizing IT expenses while facilitating a dynamic environment suitable for your business to grow.

Our relationship provides the support, management, maintenance, and planning which must be considered a core part of any technology strategy.

Regularly Scheduled Technology Reviews must be performed to evaluate your technology investment and set objectives for more efficient use of technology as you grow. These meetings help align your technology goals with your business strategy.


  • Alan Sielbeck
    President and CEO
  • Dan Jones
    Vice President of Operations
Garrison Strickland
Garrison Strickland has proven his capabilities as an entrepreneur since the early age of 25 when he co-founded Safe Network Solutions and became the CEO. SNS, a technology consulting firm, is comprised of highly specialized consultants who provide clients with technical expertise, deliver successful, measurable value with a focus on the challenges of today’s critical technology and business management issues. Garrison is responsible for SNS’ strategic direction and high-level architecting of its IT outsourcing programs including identifying and capitalizing on overlooked opportunities, initiating strategic contacts and targeting and securing major accounts for SNS. Throughout Garrison's education he aggressively pursued opportunities to work with technology further developing his expertise. Honing his capabilities as an advocate for small businesses Garrison has proven his capabilities as a successful entrepreneur and leader by successfully growing SNS from the ground up to a competitive technical consulting firm in Middle Tennessee.
Alan Sielbeck
Alan Sielbeck, co-founder and President of Safe Network Solutions, built his career in the technology space after completing his degree in Engineering Science at Vanderbilt University. Alan’s talent as an information technology professional with a wide range of skills has driven the success of the SNS business to year-over-year growth through acquisition, organic sales and most importantly happy clients. Alan’s primary role at SNS is to drive profit and growth through technology innovation. He is a collaborative leader who drives continuous improvement and professional development with the team at SNS.
Christy Perez
Director of Corporate Development
Christy Perez, Director of Corporate Development at Safe Network Solutions, is a proven leader in the development and enhancement of internal organization processes that allow SNS to realize strategic growth objectives. Christy is a seasoned, mission-focused and process-minded leader with proven experience in scaling organizations and developing management teams in a performance driven culture. Christy is responsible for managing and providing oversight of all financial and business planning activities at SNS. Christy uses her vast knowledge in the SMB space to create successful relationships with clients, vendors and employees while setting and delivering SNS’ corporate objectives.
Dan Jones
Director of Client Advocacy
Dan Jones, a BBA graduate in Management from Lipscomb University, has successfully managed technical teams for over 10 years. Dan’s longevity and expertise enables him to ensure quality delivery of multiple engagements and long-term contracts across a variety of customers. Dan has full accountability for client relationships, strategic account planning, employee recruiting and business partner relationships. Dan acts as the first point of escalation for all client services issues, ensures that operational teams and subcontractors maintain a clear understanding of the client’s needs and provides day-to-day client advice and support.