Harnessing the SNS Support Team

The proper communication makes a world of difference when it comes to addressing computer problems, simple or complex. Using the right method of communication allows our team to make the fastest and most accurate diagnosis possible. Check out the options below to know what method is right for your needs.


A phone call is the best way to let us know about an urgent issue as soon as it happens.


Email is a quick and easy method of communication that lets you spell out the problem and include screen shots if applicable.

SNS Tray Icon

Every computer we manage has an icon in the notification tray. Just click it and select “Submit Service Request”. You can attach screen shots, select the urgency of your issue, and include your email address.

Partner Portal

Every SNS client is a valued partner. Through the partner portal you can update open issues, see issue history, and see how many hours you’ve used through the month. If you need your login information please contact us to request them.