Strategic Technology Management Solutions

Proactive Support

We give you tools that actively prevent issues and common IT problems – from Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam to Web Filtering to Customized Scripts – if we can keep you from having to deal with it we are all more productive.

Network Administration

The best way to prevent technology headaches is to plan ahead – we apply the best practices we have developed to your entire network. Recommending hardware and solutions that are proven to reduce total cost of ownership.

Technology Advisement

In today’s environment every small business needs a CIO, someone to understand your big picture business goals that also understands what it means to run a small business. We use our experience to help you plan for the future.

Vendor Management

We aim to give you the highest level of service possible, unfortunately, sometimes you have to work with vendors that don’t have the same goal. We put ourselves in the middle of managing your vendors so we can hold them accountable and get you what you need. Whether it’s your line of business application, your copy company, or your internet provider – we get to know them, understand their support systems, and get you answers fast. We also partner with many local companies so we can recommend vendors that value customer service as much as we do. Through these relationships we have saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars by negotiating fair contracts.

Business Continuity

If your business can’t run then you are losing money and letting your customers down – we implement backup solutions and business interruption plans to keep your employees productive. We help you analyze the return on investment for redundant systems and we automate these systems whenever possible. We also provide regular audits of your systems to help reduce your overall risk.

Help Desk

As hard as we might try, sometimes things just break, we staff a full time help desk standing by to assist you – you always speak to someone local in our office here in Nashville. When you need help – we need to be ready, we call our Help Desk the SWAT Team and our goal is to give you first touch resolution.